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Art of Teaching 



Teach and preach in a way that equips, moves, and compels people


We’ve been dreaming about this for a while and are happy to finally announce our Art of Teaching Masterclass. What would it look like if we could get some of the best communicators of our generation and have them lay out their frameworks, resources, ways, and models? That's what this masterclass is and we know it will equip you to immediately gain momentum as you lean into the lifelong craft of teaching and preaching.

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6 Teachers. 15 Sessions. 7.5 Hours of Footage. 35 Page Digital Workbook.

Over 100 years of preaching experience.

Your Guides

Christine Caine

founder of A21 & Propel Women

Jon Tyson

Lead Pastor, Church of the City New York

John Mark Comer

Founder of Practicing the Way

Jennie Allen

Founder of IF: Gathering

Charlie Dates

Pastor of Progressive Baptist Church

Dr. Bryan Lorritts

Teaching Pastor, The Summit Church

What if you could sit down with some of the greatest teachers and preachers of our generation and get their best stuff on the craft? The good news is, now you can. 


The Art of Teaching masterclass is unlike any other course I've ever encountered. I left with tools and frameworks I didn't even know existed!

Alex Deal

Lead Pastor


Here's the sad reality: most teachers and pastors want to preach and teach in a way that is compelling and powerful. But they don't quite know how to. That’s what this masterclass is for.


The truth is most messages and content people are hearing from culture is powerful, compelling, moving, and alluring. But when we stand up and open up the scriptures it isn’t. But don’t we have the greatest story ever told? A collection of texts spanning thousands of years that have started revolutions, shaped entire societies, and turned the world upside down?


There is a better way.


And that’s where these two days come in. We will pull back the curtain and give you everything we’ve got. Sharing everything from technical sermon crafting to showing how to teach not just for information, but spiritual formation.


You can do this. We can do this. See you soon!

Topics include: 


Crafting an outline

How to open and close talks

Best way to prepare

How to dwindle a lot of information into a cohesive talk

Audience retention

Audience engagement

Preaching in a multi ethnic context

How to preach to heart, mind, and body at same time

Preaching for spiritual formation

Plus many, many, more....


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